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Dave Benson Phillips Northwich Memorial Court Panto Jack and the Beanstalk

Fie Fie Foe Fum; I smell the blood of an Englishman…


Starring Jame’s “Arg” Argent from TOWIE, Children’s TV legend Dave Benson Phillips and “Coronation Street” and “Waterloo Road” actress Shannon Flynn.

Skid Row is in peril… The towns folk are knee deep in debt, Fleshcreep is creating havoc and there’s a big ugly giant living in the clouds above the town!

When Princess Jill gets kidnapped, Jack decides he will rise to the challenge… he’s off to rescue her and win the heart of his true love!

Northwich regulars Ryan Greaves (comic) and Keeley Fitzgerald (fairy) return in this all new pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk with an Anton Benson Productions’ trademark laugh-out-loud script full of song and dance, hilarious one-liners and legendary slapstick routines.

We are very pleased to announce that “Coronation Street” and “Waterloo Road” actress Shannon Flynn, also known for CBBC shows “Friday Download” and “Dani’s Castle” will now be starring as Princess Jill. Dave Benson Phillips from TV’s “Get your own back” and “Playdays” has also joined our fantastic cast to take over the role of “Fleshcreep”. We trust our customers will join us in giving Shannon and Dave a warm welcome to the cast.***

Northwich Memorial Court, Cheshire until 2nd January 2017
Doors Open at 9:30AM
Starts at 10:00AM
Individual Ticket Price: £11.00 – £15.50*
Group Ticket Price: £52.00*
*booking fee applies
Box Office: 01606 261100

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