Edinburgh festival highlights

30 Gunges in 30 seconds! Some of the best from this years’ Edinburgh Festival.

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Edinburgh Festival Press


It is, it appears, impossible to conduct a low-key gunging. “It’s a fiiiine day for an outdoor gunging,” roars Dave Benson Phillips as we walk towards Bristo Square. Within seconds, Phillips has pulled in a crowd and whipped them to a frenzy – the Fringe equivalent of a baying mob, yowling for the sight and smell of, erm, gunge. And this scrawny journalist, now barefoot on a blue tarpaulin, is the offering upon the altar of ’90s nostalgia. DBP begins the countdown – him shouting the even numbers, the rabble the odd ones. Three, two, one… More from FestMag story here!

Dave is also interviewed about the show on Black Diamond FM here:

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Digital Spy interviews Dave


“We’ve had five-star reviews already, and people have been coming up and telling me how much their inner child has been doing cartwheels!” Read the full interview over at Digital Spy.

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A Five Star Hit

Dave’s ‘Get Your Own Back’ show has received five star reviews at the Edinburgh festival, like this one from Kettle Magazine. “You could be forgiven for thinking you’d just come in from school and put the telly on.”


Dave is interviewed in the WOWwagon:



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Live video of Get Your Own Back!

Some of the hardest questions for the quiz I have ever written! He’s the Get Your Own Back show at Bournemouth Uni’s Old Fire Station


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